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All ourpackages share the same technical details
POP3 E-mail Accounts (in numbers defined for package)
MS Outlook, Netscape Eudora Support
Secure Webmail usage via World Wide Web
Unlimited Aliases
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Forwarding
Catch-all Account
Easy adminstration via Web Browser
Ability to add or remove accounts
Ability to arrange inbox quotas
Spam Assasin
Mailing List Manager
Ability to Change MX
Ability to Trace email addresses
Default Address Manager
Autoresponder Manager
Email Filtering Manager
Forwader Manager
MySQL Databases (in numbers defined for package)
Easy Database adminstration via Web Browser
Easy Database manipulation via PhpMyAdmin
Easy Database manipulation via PhpPyAdmin
Web Applications & Free Scripts
Advanced Guestbook
Entropy Banner Script
Entropy Search Script
Java Countdown Script
Java Clock Script
Add-on CGI Scripts
Interchange Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
PHPBB2 Forum Script
Chat Rooms
Statistics Tools
Analog Stats
Last Visitors Stats
Subdomain Stats
Bandwidth Stats
Scripting Languages & Extensions & Utilities
Frontpage 2002 Extensions
CGI Wrapper
Random HTML Generator
Ftp Accounts
Ftp accounts (in numbers defined for package)

Ftp Settings Manager
Subdomain Ftp accounts
Subdomains, Addon Domains & Parked Domains
Subdomains (in numbers defined for package)

Add-on Domains (in numbers defined for package)

Parked Domains (in numbers defined for package)

Subdomain Manager
Add-on Domain Manager
Parked Domain Manager
Custom Error Pages
Web-based File Manager
Disk usage viewer
Search Engine Submission Tool
Apache Handler Manager
Hotlink Protection
Redirect Manager
Web protection with password
Cron Job Manager
Password Manager
MIME Types Manager
IP Deny Manager
Network Tools
Error Log
Raw Access Logs
Backups & Backup Tools
Daily in-house backups
User Backup Manager
Seperate MySQL Database Backup Utility

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