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"Reseller" accounts are accounts that allow you to create and maintain totally independent web site accounts (complete with domain names and all features) under your own account. They offer big space and bandwidth and features, so that you can use these resources to distribute to sites under your control. "Reseller" is a term, you do not have to resell your space or charge for any of the accounts you created, that depends on you. The main idea is to allow an account holder with big space to be able to become a super user that can create unlimited accounts under his/her super account.

All accounts created under any reseller account are totally full featured independent web site accounts complete with all email, ftp, database, control panel, statistic features. You can determine which account gets how much resources.

WHM is world standard control panel for administrating your sub accounts. The accounts you create can use cPanel site control panel to easily administer your site.

All in all, these reseller packages are ideal for people who need to host more than 5 sites, for they provide a much more economical means to host many sites. For example whereas hosting 10 sites would incur approx. at least $30 monthly in total in any normal hosting account standard in the industry, hosting 10, 100 or 200 as sub accounts under a reseller account would cost only $18 monthly in total.

Allows hundreds of web sites to be hosted in separate accounts under your main account - each complete accounts with their databases, email, ftp accounts and all control panel options and privileges. As administrator, you can create, terminate, modify all accounts under your control and all their features. You can manage your sub accounts through easy WHM control panel, the industry standard.

5,000 Mb space 50 Gb Bandwidth

20,000 POP3 Email accounts
1,000 FTP account
10,000 MySQL database
1,000 Subdomains
10,000 Mailing list
200 Parked Domains
200 Add-on Domains

Monthly $ 20Quarterly $ 58Semiannual $ 110Yearly $ 210 Setup $ 0

This is professional package for resellers. Disk space and bandwidth allows many accounts to be created even when the sites are large. Low reseller cost means very high flexibility in profit margins, enabling reseller to make more profits in the enterprise. All cPanel features that does not compromise security are implemented also in this account.

10,000 Mb space 100 Gb Bandwidth

50,000 POP3 Email accounts
2,500 FTP accounts
25,000 MySQL database
2,500 Subdomain
20,000 Mailing list
500 Parked Domains
500 Add-on Domains
You can choose to pay monthly, or in advance quarterly, semiannually and yearly. If you choose to pay in advance, your total payment amount gets increasing discount over monthly payment billing - yearly payments have the highest discount rate. Each payment renews at their proper period - each month for monthly payment plan, 3 months for quarterly payment plan and so on. Below are the payment plans :

Monthly $ 35Quarterly $ 99Semiannual $ 189Yearly $ 360 Setup $ 0

  • Any free item from Personal Class
  • Any free item from Business Class

  • 1 day Reseller training $ 150
  • Modernbill leased license unlimited $ 25
  • Modernbill billing script setup $ 300
  • Any add-on from Personal Class
  • Any add-on from Business Class
  • Web design from template $ 100
  • Unique website design $ 350
  • SEO & submission service $ 50

  • Allows unlimited accounts
  • Allows reasonable overselling
  • You can define your own packages
  • WHM all features
  • Allows other billing scripts
  • Allows auto account creation
  • Allows automated domain registrations
  • Allows full rebranding
  • PHP, Frontpage 2002, CGI, MySQL
  • Can be used with Flash sites

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