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Detailed explanations for every choice in ordering process

Step 1 - Choosing your domain
If you dont have a domain already, you must pick a new domain if you want the new site to be visible & accessible for visitors. If you intend to use the webspace only as a storage, you wont be needing any domain.

- You will have to choose 'Register New Domain' choice to get a new domain. Type in the name for your domain in the left hand side input box, and choose the extension from right hand select box afterwards and click 'Continue'. The ordering engine will assist you through picking your domain; it will check availability of the domain you have typed and in case it is not available, offer you replacements.

- If you have already a domain and want to transfer it to Mind on the Net, you must choose 'Transfer My Existing domain and update my Nameservers only' choice. Note that you wont need to choose this to use hosting at Mind on the Net, this choice is mainly for people who are unhappy with their current domain registrar. If you choose this option, type the name for the domain in the left hand side input box, and the extension in the right hand side input box, and click 'Continue'.

- The third option here is for using your existing domain with Mind on the Net by just directing your nameservers. You just will have to put our nameservers in your domain settings at your current registrar and wait for 1.5 days for the new settings to propagate, and all will be set up. Type the name for your domain in the left hand side input box and the extension in the right hand side input box, and click 'Continue'.

If you chose to register a new domain, clicking 'Continue' will verify your chosen domain's availability, and offer you alternatives if it is not. Just choose if you want to register any extra domains, and click continue.
Step 2 - Choosing your package
At this stage decide if you want to just register a new domain, or get a package with it, if you are registering a new domain. Note that, if there is no package, a domain will not be functioning as a site. You need some hosting account at some provider (ours or other provider) to direct the registered new domain.

If you are not registering a new domain, you will be offered with just package selection.

Choose a package according to your needs. If your site is a new one, and it is just starting, it is better to pick a starter package and upgrade it as need arises. For personal sites, portfolios (except image-heavy ones) it is rational to pick Basic Personal package. Webmasters, Developers would be better off with Developer line of packages.
Step 3 - Choosing billing cycle and Add-ons
There are 4 payment cycle options available at Mind on the Net; Monthly, Quarterly (3 months), Semi-Annually ( 6 months ) and Annually ( 12 months ). With longer payment cycles, the monthly payment gets increasing discount. If you choose monthly mode, you will have to pay your invoices in monthly repetitions - you will have to log in to billing system once a month when your invoice comes and pay the invoice online from My Finances -> My Invoices -> Invoice number -> Pay Online links. If you choose Quarterly mode, you will have to do this in 3 month intervals, and so on. It is always better to make annual payments to avoid manual hassle.

Also there are a number of extra services available as add-ons to packages at Mind on the Net, Search Engine Optimizations, Webmaster services, Site Design services are a few of them. Some of these services incur a single time fee only (SEO and Site Design), and others like Webmaster Service incur monthly recurring charges. If you need any of these services, turn them on at this stage, before you proceed with the ordering process.

When you have chosen the payment cycle and any add-ons if needed, click 'Continue'.
Step 4 - Billing account selection
This step will summarize the chosen options and their totals. Also it will ask you if you are an existing customer, or a new customer at Mind on the Net.

If you have never ordered anything from Mind on the Net before, you should choose 'I am a new customer' to get yourself a billing account created. Billing accounts are utilized for keeping track of your sites, your payments and getting support. After you noted that you are a new customer, click 'Continue' to go to the screen where you will be asked your various information. Fill in all information here correctly. Address, name, and phone numbers and all fields are extremely important as domain names have to contain correct registrant information in their data. Otherwise anyone can warn ICANN and get your domain cancelled. These data will be used in domain contact data creation, so take care. Also these information here will provide the basis for us to confirm your identity in case you lost your password or account details and contacted us through phone. Email is also very important as the system will send your account information to the email you provide here. Pick an email account that you every day use for.dleif siht

If you have a billing account from before, you may choose to add the new order/site to your existing billing account. This is the way to go if you have a prior billing account, as you will be able to keep track of all your sites from one single billing account. Just provide the email you have previously registered with Mind on the Net, and your billing password. Note that server passwords and billing passwords are different, and if you forgot your billing password you can get it sent to your email by clicking 'Forgot your password ?' and providing your email at https://www.mindonthenet.com/system. Click 'Continue' when you provided your login details.
Step 5 - Choosing your payment method
At this stage, check the information you submitted if they are correct, and choose your payment method. Currently there are 3 methods available; Credit card (online), PayPal (online) and Wire transfer. For wire transfers, customer will be responsible for all the bank charges and account will not be activated until wire arrives.

You must confirm that you have agreed to our Terms of service before proceeding, choose yes after you read our ToS, and click 'Continue'.
Step 6 - Confirmation
At this stage you will be presented with a confirmation for all the information you submitted. Check the info provided, and if they are correct, click 'Process my Order'. Note that, clicking 'Process my Order' does not conclude order process, you will have to conclude your payment for the ordering process to be complete, which is the next step.

This step will send a signup email to your provided email account, which is NOT your account details by any means. It is a mail that just confirms the information you have provided. You must conclude payment to get your account details email.
Step 7 - Payment
If you have chosen Credit card or PayPal as payment option, at this stage you will be given a confirmation with details of signup invoice on screen, and will be offered a link to payment. Click 'Continue Payment' to go to payment screen. If your option is Credit card, you will be taken to our reseller 2checkout.com's secure site to make payment. If your choice is PayPal, you will be taken to PayPal's site.

For credit card orders, after clicking 'Continue Payment', just view the invoice 2checkout.com displays you and click 'Save and Check out' to continue. Do not change the amount at this screen, leave it as it is. After choosing if you want to pay with your Cc only or Bank check, you will be taken you to your payment details form. Provide all fields correctly, and as they are in your credit card/bank statements for the payment to be successful. When you provided your details, and click on 'Complete Payment', your credit card will be billed and system will be notified of your payment and the payment process will be complete.

For PayPal payments, you will be taken to PayPal's site to conclude the process. Provide your PayPal login to authorize the payment. After that, if you have enough credits in your PayPal account, the invoice will be deducted and system will be notified of the payment. This will conclude payment process for PayPal choice.

For wire transfer, system will record the order in the database, but will not process it, it will just wait until you wire your invoice total to our bank account, and your payment is confirmed by one of our accounting staff. If you have chosen wire transfer/check/invoice option, get in contact with our sales dept. at sales@mindonthenet.com for assistance.

Step 8 - Account creation and welcome email
For all payment options other than wire transfer, system will know that if a payment has been made and create the accounts and register the domains in at most 30 minutes after completion of the payment, and will prepare your account details email and send it to the email account you have provided. Check your email account in 45 minutes after your payment, and if your account details email with the title 'Welcome Email' has not arrived, contact support at support@mindonthenet.com . In any case sales dept. will ask if you have received your account details email or not, confirm to them if you did. After you receive your account details email, you can move to our guide for getting started on your account at http://www.mindonthenet.com/getting%started.php.

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