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Personal hosting options are tailored for personal presentation, hobby sites, family photo albums, small community forums, and similar needs. Youll find all the tools ready to implement your website. All the packages in this class have the utilities, add-ons and properties depicted in this page. As with all hosting packages, there are free services rendered with yearly payment, paid add-ons, and general properties that apply to whatever is ordered. We also offer low cost design and webmastering services for these options, which will enable you to sit back and watch while your site is designed, installed and continuously managed.

On the right hand side boxes, you will find the special services and add-ons that apply to this package class, the Personal.

This package is for starters or small needs. It contains all neccessary utilities to set up fully functional personal pages, small presentational sites, portfolios, resume sites, family albums or low volume forums.

500 Mb space 13 Gb Bandwidth

10 POP3 Email accounts
30 FTP account
10 MySQL database
20 Subdomain
20 Mailing list
10 Parked Domain
10 Add-on Domain

You can choose to pay monthly, or in advance quarterly, semiannually and yearly. If you choose to pay in advance, your total payment amount gets increasing discount over monthly payment billing - yearly payments have the highest discount rate. Each payment renews at their proper period - each month for monthly payment plan, 3 months for quarterly payment plan and so on. Below are the payment plans :

$ 4.2
$ 12,08
$ 23,10
$ 42 
$ 0

  • Wordpress Blog setup
  • phpBB Forum setup
  • Photo album setup
  • Portfolio site setup

  • Web design from template $ 100
  • Unique website design $ 350
  • Blog, forum, album templating $ 180
  • SEO & submission service $ 50

  • PHP, Frontpage 2002, CGI, MySQL
  • Blog, Forum, Photo album, compatible
  • Can be used with Flash sites

  • Design, implementation ZerenSoft
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