How will i pay for my service?

We accept credit card payments, PayPal payments.

I have signed for a package, and the fee seems more than what it is said to be monthly?

At initial purchase, system calculates pro-rated fee, which sums only the remaining days of current month with the next month. Thus the fee you are billed at initial purchase is remaining days of this month plus next month. In successive periods you will be billed normally.

What will happen if i upgrade my account?

Your account will start being billed according to the package you upgrade to starting next billing period.

What if i purchase any addon that has recurring fee?

Your account will start being billed according to the addon you purchased to starting next billing period

What if i purchase a one-time billed service?

Your account will be charged more according to the service you bought one time at the next billing period.

Will i get a refund if i cancel my account?

Yes. You will be refunded fully for the remaining time period you paid for. However past periods that has been paid will not be paid back. If you cancel your account that you paid yearly 5 months after your purchase, you will be refunded for the 7 months prepaid time. However note that in case of domain registrations, as domain registrations can not be cancelled after a relatively short time, no refunds can be made. In those cases you will be refunded for the amount left in hosting package’s (or other service’s) remaining term, however domain fee will never be refunded.

Unacceptable content?

We do not accept any element of code, database, mail, or user interface service as well as sites, which serve any racial discrimination ends. Hack, crack, security related sites also are not accepted.

Are adult sites accepted?

Unfortunately no. Any sort of adult sites, sites selling or serving adult content or affiliate sites are not accepted by any means. Customers using their accounts for these purposes will find their accounts canceled without warning, and they will be refunded for their remaining term

What is your spam policy?

We do not endorse unsolicited email in any way. Any customers found to be exercising this practice will find their account suspended.

Copyright violation?

Customers are urged to exercise extreme caution about copyright issues while using their account. Customers are also responsible for processing any takedown notices which they receive directly or via ourselves.

When and how can i get customer support?

You can get customer support 24/7/365 via submitting a ticket in the system by logging in, sending an email to our support division or via email.

What is included in the support service?

Everything that comes bundled with the package you purchase are supported by our staff. However we do not fully support 3rd party scripts and software. Our staff may refer you to the producers of these software when problems go beyond our support policy. Although our staff might assist you, we do not guarantee any level of support with third party software or applications that you might install, which was not included with the package you purchased.