Getting started

Utilize this brief tutorial below to get yourself started on your account.

Your site control panel – cPanel

You can access site control panel from (Replace with your own domain name). Use your server username and password to log in. If you have lost your password, open a support ticket at in order to request it to your email. From this link you also can automatically get your billing account username/password resent, if you have lost it.

Mail accounts

In order to create and use style accounts, you must do a little configuration. First, log into your site control panel with the instructions above. Once inside, click ‘Mail’ icon that is on the top row. You will see a number of links leading to important mail features. Click the ‘Add/Remove Accounts’ link to be taken to mail account management. In the mail account management interface, you can add new email accounts by the ‘Add new account’ link below the page. Also existing accounts will be listed with a number of options. Most are self explanatory, however, Outlook Express autoconfig needs some attention. This link, will try to configure your Outlook Express mail client for that selected account. Upon clicking it, say Yes to everything it asks, in order to get the account details entered in the system registry. You will only have to enter the password for that account in your Outlook Express to finalize configuration. You can use the mail accounts you have created in this interface from webmail too.


Use secure or non-secure links to log into webmail interface. Alternatively you can log into cPanel first, and then use the Webmail link provided in the interface. To log in with a particular account, just use the email/password combination. You can use your webmail from anywhere that has internet connection, just like hotmail, yahoo, gmail services.


Get an ftp client (like CuteFtp) to connect to your ftp for the server account. The server account username/password also is the main ftp user. You can create more ftp accounts, limit them to certain directories, turn the anonymous ftp access on or off from the Ftp Manager link at the cPanel. It is always the best choice to upload all your files with an ftp client to the server.

Uploading your site

After getting an ftp client, or logging in via Frontpage or Dreamweaver means, upload all files to your server account, preserving the directory structure. Note that, all files to be visible from the web must be uploaded under the ‘public_html’ folder directly under the root. The index page of the site also must be directly under this folder. Never delete the initial file structure you find when you first log in to your account, except our placeholder index.html file under the public_html folder. Also, files to be visible from the web should be at least 644 in permission, else permission errors will occur. Take care to name index file in notation like index.html, index.php, index.cgi, for it to be properly served via the web.

Getting support

Best means to get support is to put a support ticket at , which will instantly email support staff as to creation/updating of a ticket. Also most of you prefer contacting support via email at , and this is also a fast means to reach support. Note that whoever responds to your support request, you can contact them via the instant messenger addresses or phone numbers listed in their signatures.

Account renewal & Payments

Whether your payment method is credit card or paypal, payment process is the same. The system checks for accounts that are pending renewal, and when there is 1 week until renewal date of the account, an invoice is prepared and sent to your mail address you provided while signing up. If you are not in PayPal subscription mode, you must manually pay this invoice. To do this log into your billing account at , go to My Finances -> My Invoices from the above menu, click on the number of the listed invoices you have pending, and pay online by clicking the ‘Pay Online’ link. This method should be used in order for the automated system to know of the payment and not suspend your account. If you do not want to manually make payment each month, you can get a support ticket and request a billing period change to a longer period. (ie from monthly to quarterly or yearly).